Split keyboard has been on my list for a long long time (more than a decade). Building custom keyboards is on the raise in India. There are few websites selling custom keyboard kits ( ) . And they also nourish a community of builders in Discord.

My journey started with an interest in procuring Ergodox or the Moonlander keyboard. Cost of import and shipping was way too high. I was very happy and impressed when I found Ergodash build kits available in India. I noticed that these kits have SMB components and last time I soldered anything was during my school days. And that was 20 years ago. Good folks from StacksKB put me in touch with few folks who love to build. I managed to get in touch with another enthusiast from Bangalore.

BOM & Build

  • Ergodash DIY Kit
  • Gateron Milky Browns
  • WS2812B-V5 LEDs
  • Pro Micro – 2

Built By


I’m a heavy Emacs user and this seems to be a good a starting point for avoiding Emacs Pinky

You can download the keymap config here.


  1. The legs are unstable.
  2. Tenting is not that great.

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