Mechanical Keyboard : Ducky One 2 Mini Horizon

I’ve been using Microsoft Ergo 4000 keyboard for the last 10 years. They tend to last for about 6 years. Since my current MS Ergo is stuck in office, I checked with friends who are generally on top of these trends of ‘basic necessities’ 🙂 . I was told that its about time to pick up a mechanical keyboard. And I ended up with a Ducky One 2 Mini 60% keyboard.

The transition to the ducky was seamless. The layout felt at home . The Fn layer has all keys that was chopped off to accomplish the 60%. Ideally I would have loved to get a Keychron K6 as I miss these features :

  1. Wireless
  2. Multi device support
  3. Option of hot swap-able switches

If the above list is not scary for you , then the Ducky Mini is a good choice. I enjoy the satisfying keystroke of the Cherry MX Brown switches, the compact layout and the possibilities of using macros.

I picked it up from (India)


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