Novell Sports Day

Heehee, Amazing day (sort of) I went there late and the first thing i saw was varadhan in 100m. then … More

Moments …

Last day as a INHOUSE trainee. Enjoyed a lot in Novell. This was something i always wanted to do. I … More

Hidden Jumps

Looks like in evolution whenever a component is loaded its view is loaded in a notebook with pages. so when … More

Bad, Bad and Bad !!!

Past 2 weeks my work was really slow (actually nothing). Feeling really bad about it. Need to increase the pace. … More

Bug 328808

Bug 328808 – UI: Participants list in ‘Required Participants’ UI is blank (Attendees adding problem Observation : 1 : No … More

Spin Button Hack

Was working on Bug 327487 – Calendar Preferences broken. It was quick, In 15 min , created the patch and … More