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Captain’s log 2010.09

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01 – Solo drive to Dad’s

A long long weekend and 4 days to kill. And I needed solitude to recharge, pay off sleep debts, connect with people, read/finish a book and get some tasty food into the system. And thats what exactly happened. In a solo drive, you’ve lot of time to think through many things. Therapeutic.

02.0 – Drive to Madurai

Bro gives me a heads up that there *might* be a drive to Madurai. Got a green at 2300. Picked up his friend and out of Bangalore by 0100. We reached Madurai outskirts by 0630. NH4.

02.1 – Drive to Chitradurga

Since I had my sunday free and to satisfy the urge of one of my friends to ‘drive out’. But not in my car this time. Was good. But mostly was mostly exhausted. Tried out ‘thatte idly’ from Tumkur. Huge Idlies!!

03, 04 – Bangalore.

Semper Exploro!

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October 18, 2010 at 10:57 am

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4 months after ACL reconstruction

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Very happy with my recovery. I’m riding again. Hoping to do my first century ride in next couple of weeks. Decided to put my running goals on hold (Sad & frustrating).  But I’m happy and grateful that I’m able to do more than what I thought four months back.

My dailymile log :

Kilometers in weeks

Kilometers in weeks

Written by Johnny

January 24, 2010 at 1:50 am

Pedal in Paradise by TandemTrails

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Went for ‘Pedal in Paradise’ organized by Tandem Trails (Jan 9, 10)

Day 1 : I was there for one reason. To test my legs.  I was bit unsure in the beginning and was hopeful that if something happens I would be able to hop into the support car (Why?). I was hoping that I would be able to ride at least the first half.  Rashmin passed me and he said “come on …. !” and I was mumbling “I’m on.. 1.. 1/4 .. legs and ..blah “.  I have no clue what happened next. Felt like my engines finally started and I increased my pace. Joined the pack lead Samsheer. Then a downhill and I couldn’t resist it. Slipped into a higher gear and started to speed away. Few moments later a character showed up in my peripheral vision. Tommy joined me and we sped away. We rode hard. Tommy is a awesome climber. I compensated the lack of strong right leg (reason) with higher cadence during climbs. And I usually caught up with him on the downhills. I was crazy for downhills. At one descent I actually felt my bike flying over potholes. Rashmin later said that we were going 50km+ (probably more) on some downhills.

Day 1 - Briefing

Day 1 - Briefing

Day 2: A leisure ride. Enjoyed talking with the group. I guess Tommy had trouble riding slow 😉 . At times I acted as a the wise-one and gave ‘tips’ to Venky. He was politely listening :).   The climax was simply brilliant. It got over with a very very steep climb. My heart was thumping very very hard (unhealthy rate). It was simply brilliant.

Day 2 - From Right : Me, Tommy, Sameer, Venky, Shamsher?, Srinivas?

Day 2 - From Right: Me, Tommy, Sameer, Venky, Shamsheer, Srinivas

Thanks to TandemTrails team for a wonderful weekend. Would be joining you guys sometime later…

Written by Johnny

January 20, 2010 at 1:40 pm

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ACL Reconstruction recovery journal

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Tore my ACL while playing badminton. An awesome jump, delivered a smash at a impressive angle. On landing I slipped twisting my ankle and entire weight of my body fell on the right knee. After 15 minutes I was walking out of the club with the idea of a 10k ride (cycle) back home. Probably I was high on adrenaline/endorphins. But as soon as walked 20 meters, I couldn’t take another step.

Friends helped me out. Few days later a MRI confirmed the ACL tear. Sought opinions from 3 surgeons. A day later I was scheduled for ACL Reconstruction.

Day 0 : Wheeled into surgery. Got shots of anaesthesia in my spine. 5 minutes into the procedure I started feeling my knee again. Then some new shots to my neck and i’m out for next 4 hours. Woke up in recovery room. Crying with pain in my thigh and knee.

Day 1 : High fever. Unable to move my leg. Felt like a dead log.

Day 2 : Realised that morphine (a better refined form .. Fentanyl ?) is being pumped in to me 24 hours.

Day 3: Fever continues. Unable to therapy. But was on CPM.

Day 5 : First time moved around 10 meters (felt like 5 km) to physio rehab. Was able to walk holding support ramps. Did some weight excercises. Morale boost.

Day 6 : Fever started fading.

Day 7 : Discharged from hospital. Realized I lost so much muscle mass. Right leg is very lean.

Day 8 : Woke up at brother’s place. Good food. Ate like a hungry pig.

Day 11 : Regained some strength in the thighs. Able to move around confidently with support.

Day 16 : Moved back to my own place.

Day 17 : Afraid to bend my knee. Looks like I’m resisting to bend the knee.

Day 18 : Able to sit with around 90 degree bend in my knee. Noticed some muscle development.

Day 19 : 90 Degrees knee bending 😀

Day 21 : Mental battle is tougher than actually bending the knee.

Day 22 : Walking without support (crutches). Yay!

Able to handle stairs without support.

Day 25 : 95 – 100 Degrees. Moving to Squat exercises.

Started riding on a stationary bike. Able to walk  small distance with little limp.

Day 31 : 115 Degrees. Knee feels stronger.

Day NN : Recovery still continuing. Yet to build muscles. And regain those remaining degrees. But I’m confident now that i would be back to 110% in few months (yeah .. months!).

I should confess that I’m not a very fit athlete. I’m just a ordinary clumsy guy who started playing a bit. So this is my recovery timeline. Rehab is the tough part. Painful and needs a good amount of will power to keep doing it. It is going to take a long time to get back to my running (hopefully a marathon!). Can’t wait to get back on my bike (cycle).

One thing I kept remembering was this “Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever” (Lance Armstrong). In this case it is literally true.

Notes :

  • Do research. Learn about the injury and the procedure before you go in. Helps a lot. Realize that you have options on the graft being used.
  • Ice is the best pain management you got. I personally don’t like pain killers.
  • Most of the online materials on this subject give times lines for fit athletes. So don’t get discouraged if you are not. Keep at it.
  • Mail from nice people at Bangalore Bikers Club

Misc :

  • Fun when you are on a stretcher and pushed around. Profound 🙂
  • Scary part was not the surgery, but the catheter in my arm. Got over it after a day.
  • Enjoyed the royal treatment. People always around you. don’t have to do anything. Everything is there as soon as you think about it!
  • I was without a laptop for about 15 days.
  • Long phone calls from stoned friends. 😉
(Would try to add more information and keep this post updated ..)

Written by Johnny

November 8, 2009 at 6:13 am

malloc (aussie * 8)

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Beaches , Burgers, 20 min lesson about India’s history from a Aussie, 8 Minutes in a Heli (Airwolf ? ), Fire ban and the irritating flies.

Memories from Aussie Trip.

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January 20, 2008 at 7:24 am

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off to aussie for a week!

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A simple thought (/idea) like “Dude .. u can visit australia sometime” from a buddy can turn into some kinda subconscious motivation to actually do it. Words are powerful .. aren’t they ? Now i’m officially *bankrupt*.
Yep. Visiting Aussie for a week. Bye Bye ..


Back on 13th.

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January 3, 2008 at 8:06 am

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[EMACS] GTD Issues : Rescued by EMACS!

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Have you ever wondered that you have sincerely worked on tasks all day and at the end you find that therez still lot to do .. And do you use EMACS most of the time writing code, patching bugz, making good software, making software good ..

Well .. yes .. thatz me (a little!!).. The first thing I do when i switch on my laptop is … start EMACS!! . I daily use EMACS to write code in c and c# .. yes i write C# in Emacs.

Well Anyway, the coolest thing (among lot other coolstuff ) is the ‘timeclock-in’ and ‘timeclock-out’ functions.

you  can timeclock-in to a project and timeclock-out.. at the end of the day you could use timeclock-generate-report.

Found  a simple page detailing this : 

If you are more serious about using EMACS as your planner , then planner.el is the right thing ..  I’m not joking here … have a look at joe’s site : . Everything you see there is by EMACS !!!!

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November 28, 2006 at 6:43 pm

Now Playing : Prince of Persia Revelations

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Great Game . Love it 🙂

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October 30, 2006 at 5:56 pm

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Linux Programming (GNOME) Workshop.

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Srini and /me were invited to conduct a workshop in iota 2006 (29, 30 Sept), organized by RV College of Engineering, Bangalore. Event was sponsored by Novell.

Srini gave a talk on Open Source and a demo of SLED 10. Talk was planned for only 40 minutes .. Students were shooting curious questions on open source, so it took around 2 hrs to close the session..

After that there was the programming workshop, Again it was scheduled for 3 hrs and it overshot to 4 hrs. Students enjoyed it …

It was fun …

Some Pics :

Srini : White Shirt

Johnny : GNOME T-Shirt

Me and Srini @ iota 2006 in R.V College of Eng

Demo of SLED 10.

Srini’s Talk on OpenSource and SLED 10 Demo

Programming Workshop.

Me and Srini @ the workshop

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October 21, 2006 at 4:02 am

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MIA : Missing In Action : Swen George

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Name : Swen George

Nationality : German

Code : Daedalus

Skin color : pale than mine

Height : Shorter than me

Age : Older than me

Mission Details : A black op. Objective was to penetrate deep into microsoft facility in demark. Partially suceeded.

Status :MIA [Missing in Action]

  • Known for his passion in Linux.
  • Co – Founder of KITS Linux Club.
  • Best Customized Desktop Award
  • Member of the elite eXtreme
  • Designed the eXtreme T shirt (hmmmm)

Survellience Info

  • Last seen at KIT. and disappeared.
  • Tried to contact TUX-Skynet but failed
  • No activity on blogs
  • EMail traffic – nill 

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June 9, 2006 at 1:37 pm

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TV Turnoff Week 2006 [Apr 24 -30]

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Hmm… this is challenging… i'm gonna give a shot at this …

 i'm late by two days 🙂

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April 26, 2006 at 5:06 am

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What i’ve been doing last week ?

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Well … 

> Waiting for my call letter !! (wait …. wait …. wait….)
> I was the  unofficial driver for our car (awesome.. addicted to speed 🙂  ) ..

> Cousin's wedding … (3 days )

> Formatted my laptop … installed a SUSE 10 (fresh) [swen i did it .. and its faster 🙂 ]

> I lost all my personal settings (sort of) … retriving ….

> Something is wacky with my bluetooth dongle…

> No signal in my phone 

> No proper Internet …

> Washed our car …

> Read " Hunt for the red october"

> Reading Eric S Raymond's "Cathedral and the bazaar" & " The magic cauldrom"

> Read Djikstra's "Then Humble programmer"


News Update :

> Jose got selected for 3 month Opera (the browser guys) intership.

> Selva's project got selected for a presentation before his company's tech leads …

> Swen is playing with his dogs …

> Punen is looking for new comics …

> Sooraj … ?????

> Thomas … probably singing for some wedding

> Rahul … Should be looking for new competitve exams ….

> Me …. you know 🙂 

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April 26, 2006 at 3:49 am

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