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Trek 3700

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Chronicles of my Trek 3700

Good & Bad

January 22 2010 : Decided to upgrade suspension. Add Disc breaks in front. Upgrade roadmap decided. Not buying a new bike :).

Sep 20 2009 : Rear free wheel hub got a bit loose.  Fixed it up. Was a easy DIY.

Sep 15 2009 : The suspension issue could be a manufacturing defect.  Sent a mail to the good people at BOTS. Anyway .. I would probably just get better ones later this year.

July 10 2009 : Sounds like Trek won’t replace the forks since they suspect the bike has been ‘mishandled’. So i would have to get new forks. Looking at a RockShox Dart 2. Really appreciate BOTS for putting in a lot of effort in this.

July 4 2009 :  Got the bike back. Saddle is replaced. Front suspension is not performing. Thinking of getting a cheap one later this month.

June 27 2009:  Bike ready. But out to town. Gotta pick it up next week.

June 23 2009: Probably this week i would get my bike back (/me prays now)

June 16 2009: Got update from BOTS that the fork is fixed. Bu no word on delivery date 😦

May 30 2009 : Left my bike @ Bumsonthesaddle for front forks and saddle replacement (hopefully). Won’t be riding for 2-3 weeks. ‘-(

May 15 2009 : Front suspension are stuck 😦 [Probably needs replacement]

May 2009 :Front derailer needs tuning.

May 2009 : Reflectors from the left pedal falls off

April 2009 : The left rail in the saddle bends.


Written by Johnny

May 15, 2009 at 3:55 am

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  1. I have an ’09 3700 that I have selectively upgraded it quite a bit. The 3700 frames are very sturdy and in my mind worthy of upgrades. I have changed the cranks to an FSA Alpha Drive with hollow spindle Bottom bracket. Replaced the wheels with Mavic XM317 rims, Deore LX hubs, DT spokes, and a 7-speed Sram rear cassette. Sram pg-850 chain. Changed seat and handlebars out to some new lighter Sette parts. Oury grips. Bontrager Revolt SX 2.0 rear tire and Maxxis Larsen TT 2.3 ft tire. Also added a beefy Bontrager alloy rear rack for when I begin some weekend dirt rd touring.
    I have kept the Acera shifters and derailleurs as well as the Sun Tour M2025 fork as these parts have been doing their job nicely.
    I am happy with it with the upgrades that I’ve done. It fits my dual purpose on and off road style well, and rides very smoothly. 🙂


    July 10, 2010 at 6:01 pm

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