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Captain’s log 2010.10

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02 – Coorg Madekeri

The Ninjas. Tailing the green (Pu) and black (De) Ninja  was a challenge! Cutting through the traffic like a katakana. Nimble and super quick!! Another lazy evening spent eating coorgi foods. Visited a future ‘home stay’ twice! 🙂 . Next day pit stop at Kushalnagar. Re was quite eager to find the praying wheels and started chasing monks . Had a interesting and a short tour. Fun.

03 – Mangalore

Friday afternoon, on chat :

(02:23:03 PM) Ri: ready to drive ?
(02:23:33 PM) Johnny: where to ?

And thats how it started. Off to Mangalore with one planned stop at Kukke.

On Twitter: Mangalore . On the way : French Press, Craters, No roads, 22*2 kms of awesome drive, Slept in the car for 2 hours (woot!), Mangalore bun.

When Ra was off  to the temple, I slept in the car (for about 2 hours) and was ready for the second leg of the drive. Also, on foot did a recon of KP base. Like a idiot I was scraping (collecting) moss off walls.. After a short nap (mm.. Not really), started off to a ‘private’ beach . Soaked wet in the sea. As always the ocean makes me think .. Hmm..

On Twitter: Soaked in salt water to an extent that I was puking sand. Now to taste some local food and brew …

After a bunch of phone calls, resourceful Ra finds some interesting places to spend the evening. Off at 1700 to ‘Liquid Lounge’ & ‘Froth on the top’ . Met a bunch of people. Back at 2200 (early, i know. Was tired & sleep deprived).

One thing I loved about this trip was that it was simple. No fancy hotels. No photos stops. No list of places to visit.  I would remember: 5 minute stop near a small stream with *fresh* water flowing,  Shiradi ghats drive and driving off with the 5l water bottle on top of the car  …

04 – Visit Dad.

Drove back through heavy rains! for about 4 – 5 hours.

05 – Chennai

DakshinaChitra . Enjoyed the “Shadow Puppet” show and the “Phou-Oibi dance by Laihui group from Manipur”. Interesting short day trip. Good conversations.


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November 12, 2010 at 2:26 pm

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  1. BTW the Laihui guys are quite big. They created quite a sensation in B’lore itself.


    November 13, 2010 at 7:47 am

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