Captain’s log – 2010.04

New diesel powered wheeled motor vehicle was added to the Fleet. Tagged KA 03 MM IXIIIVwith sunlight copper anti weather layer with Four rubber compounds of 165mm in width with mass of 1400 kgs. Propelled by a 1.3L turbo powered diesel engine with powerband range of 2200 to 3400 RPM.

Ranganthitu bird sancturay : With shutter bugs.

Shivasamudram :

Nandhi Hills : Early morning sleepy drive.

Pondicherry :

Coorg – The controversial awesome trip.

Mysore – Gopalaswamy Betta : No plans and awed.

Pearl Valley : Catch up with old friends (friends from age 4 🙂 ).

Madurai (x 2) (Family trip – Dad / Bro)

Crossed 6000 KMs as of now.

Semper Exploro!

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