4 months after ACL reconstruction

Very happy with my recovery. I’m riding again. Hoping to do my first century ride in next couple of weeks. Decided to put my running goals on hold (Sad & frustrating).  But I’m happy and grateful that I’m able to do more than what I thought four months back.

My dailymile log :

Kilometers in weeks
Kilometers in weeks


  1. The leg injury only led to the fury of cycling more and really getting into shape
    . Good Luck maan, I lookout for your century Ride post.eXtreme.

    1. @sooraj : Yup! I think the fury was there before. But spread across running & cycling. Now can focus only on cycling for a while. Actually I’m attempting my first 100+ tomorrow. Would just be attempting to do the distance. No pace / time goals 🙂

  2. I also had a ACL reconstruction 3 motnths back.Still I have problem in walking and using stairs.I am not doing any excercise for my leg now.Can I satrt excercise again to regain strenght?What excercises can I do at this phase?Please revert back

    1. I got my ACL reconstructed 4 days ago,
      & I’m already going to physical thearphy.
      They’re helping me do exercises with my knee.
      They tell me to bend it as farthest I can.
      They make me put my leg all the way straight.

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