openSUSE 11.1 on PS3

Woohoo ! After a long delays and issues (in the last few days) I’ve managed to install openSUSE 11.1 in my PS3.  Running a full blown desktop is very sluggish. Reminds me of my first computer (amdk6 500mhz). Some screenies :

6 SPEs

Now onto get the Cell SDK running … Synergetic Processing Elements (SPE) here i come !


  1. My friend is waiting for Ubuntu to Just Work on his PS3.. should he just use Opensuse instead? How many problems did you have?

    1. i’m not sure what problem you are facing with Ubuntu. But openSUSE install was easy (I didn’t do anything special). I didn’t run GNOME Desktop much. I’m interested in the programming part, so all i need is just a console 🙂 . HTH.

  2. Pretty sweet!

    How did you install OpenSUSE on it, are there are any easy-to-follow HOWTOs?

  3. I found I had to either turn off Nepomuk in KDE or use Xfce as all the memory was used up.

    Did you find the icons change colour – the reds and blues swap?

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