A fun ride to ‘Jain Farms’

Around 12 bikers started by 6:00 (i guess) at Sarjapur ORR junction. Series of climbs. Fun. I was impressed by my pace it was bit more than my morning rides. So riding in groups make a lot of difference. Reached Jain Farms after 80 minutes.I didnt’t know that we would be crossing into TamilNadu !

Guyz went for a 10k run. Breakfast, Table tennis (I’m awesome at it. Right! ;-)) and swimming.(big no no for me)

Head winds added a extra 30 minutes on the return ride. At some part of Sarjapur road I lost sight of the lead pack. I knew that one rider was behind me. I was so tired I thought I was on a highway to Delhi till I saw some familiar apartments on the horizon .

People were talking about TFN. Me ? I dont know  yet !

Thanks a lot Ravi, Anil and everybody (:) )

Had fun !

Update : Report by Anil

Update : Pictures from Prashant

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