Lessons on a friday evening

Last Friday evening I had to go through 20 minutes of verbal blah blah and haha haha . Yes I was the object of ridicule. I was angry but wore a mask of fake smile. I wanted to punch few faces and also considered using a GoW Lancer . But thank God I did not do that because I was either polite / a coward. Walked away. I hoped that my rage would go off after 10k of biking. It did not. I tried ranting to a few. It did not. Then in a moment a realization : “nobody is perfect that includes me”. Started looking at this in a different point of view. I had lessons to learn from this :

  • If you don’t understand something, take your time and learn about it. Don’t utter STUPID words and advertise that you are a FOOL.
  • Don’t make money as the object of living.
  • If somebody does something and it looks stupid according to your life’s code, share your opinions. And try not to be a IDIOT claiming that what you are doing is the ideal way to go.
  • Every right word that is not said and ever wrong one that is shouted is going to hurt somebody. As you sow so shall you reap.
  • Just because I’m friendly doesn’t mean that I’m your friend. Trust once broken, hard to mend.
  • Understand your relationship and choose your words accordingly.  If you are just a work mate, then you CANNOT speak like my brother / father / friend. KNOW YOUR LIMITS.

Thanks to you : when you buy that dream house or go about buying nonsense expensive gadget or a new motorcycle, I will smile and _try_ to share the joy brought by those stupid things (stupid according to my life’s code) even though I don’t understand it.

Today’s prayer would be : God,  help me to remember and use these lessons. And help me to be a better person.

Note : There were 4 -5 of you standing around and *having fun* . This is not for all. I appreciate a few who actually tried to bail me out of that ‘bully session’. Not expecting this but please don’t come and apologize. It is better the way it is (as of now )

“Do you see someone who thinks himself wise? There is more hope for a fool than for him!”

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  1. hmm.. thanks for letting us know.

    I was telling Kalyan after that “chit chat” that oddly people look differently just because one is not doing what the majority does or accepted as normal in the society! Especially when they cannot do what the odd-man did..

    I think you knew what the reaction would be, hence tried to hide it initially… So it shouldn’t be very shocking as you were expecting it, but still intolerable? May be you are not sure yourself whether it is worth it.[Wanna punch me now? ;)] Anyway instead of wearing a mask of smile, better let us know when you are not really enjoying, we are not your work-boss.

    /me remembers the comments from my friends and family for getting a PS2.

    BTW if my face was one of them that you want(ed) to punch, come on lets fight it out. Please don’t be friendly with me if you do not consider me as your friend.

    1. “let us know when you are not really enjoying” : Right! may be people should listen more (thatz another lesson. Thanks! )

      “fight it out” : Oops .. Definitely not me. Been working on controlling my anger and getting better. Don’t want to spoil it. 🙂

      “friendly” : Can’t help it . Itz just me.

      Please don’t take these personally. This post is just to remind -me- of the lessons that i learnt. And hopefully this doesn’t turn into a “you or me” .


      1. “Right! may be people should listen more ” – are these lessons for the “people” or yourself. I do not assume that my friend is acting.

        “wanting to punch few faces”- “Been working on controlling my anger and getting better. ” – From here it can only get better.

        “Can’t help it . Itz just me.” – Then I also cant help it. I assume all friendly people as my friends. Stop acting for others and try to live.

        To remind you about the lessons you need to learn, the correct way would be to do it without offending anyone. Not like this.

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