Makespace – Plugin for GNOME Evolution

I’ve written (incomplete) simple plugin for Evolution which provides a combo box + menu for switching folders. Now you can hide the sidebar. This really helps in freeing up some space in your screen and can have good vertical view layout. This would help computers with smaller screen size.

Screenshots :

makespace-thumbSidebar hidden. Small combo box in top left corner


Switching folders

To try out this plugin / For more information : .

One other feature that I would like to have is simple folder bookmarks. Bookmarked folders would appear in the top of the menu (You don’t have to navigate all the way down in the menus)

Let me know what you think and if you would like to have any features put it down in the comments. 🙂


  1. Wooo! This is the plugin I waited all my life for 🙂
    One improvement (don’t know if it’s all that easy), would be to right-click on one, or more emails and get a “Move” item, which then expands to my folders. Or perhaps that would be an idea for a completely new plugin…
    Anyway, great work on this one!!


  2. Exactly what I’d like to have!

    It doesn’t seem to build on Ubuntu 8.10 however:

    makespace.c: I funktion “mkspace_folder_selected_cb”:
    makespace.c:219: varning: skickar argument 1 till “gtk_combo_box_get_active_iter” från inkompatibel pekartyp

    makespace.c:220: varning: skickar argument 1 till “gtk_combo_box_get_model” från inkompatibel pekartyp

    makespace.c: På toppnivå:
    makespace.c:227: fel: expected declaration specifiers or “…” before “EMEventTargetFolderBrowser”

    makespace.c: I funktion “org_gnome_evolution_makespace”:
    makespace.c:229: fel: “t” är odeklarerad (första förekomsten i denna funktion)

    That last one is just that “t” is undeclared.

  3. Very nice! I have been using the same feature by showing/hiding sidebar.

    It will be really nice if we can show/hide the sidebar like a slider. If one moves his mouse near the side, it should appear and while moving mouse near message list, it should be hidden.

  4. Funny to see stuff from the pre-1.0 days coming back for 2.28. 😛
    Anyway, if I can use type-ahead it sounds quite useful. Otherwise I simply have two many accounts and folders and it would take me too much time.

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