Life += Trek 3700

Bought a Trek 3700 today.

A beautiful machine in ‘Acid Gold’ colour. Will be using this for cross training and some fun rides on weekends. Have to assess about commuting to office. (Distance is not a problem . Parking is ).

Trek 3700 Acid Gold

Initially I was looking at a Firefox Target. But when i tried out the Trek i just had to get it. Its definitely worth it.

Rohan from BOTS suggested that I go for a 4300. But itz a bit over my budget. so settled for a 3700.

This Trek 3700 is from .

Why ?

  • Passionate people. (Differentiates lot of other stores)
  • They know what they are talking about.Β  (They are real bikers!)
  • They are building a nice community.
  • Have very good online presence. And very good on emails πŸ™‚ (important to me .. and i didnt have to make a single phone call!)
  • Good amount of material about bikes : (i’m impressed by this)

Thanks a lot Rohan, Nikhil and umm ForgotHisName! It was a good experience. A nice run through the bike and personalizing it for me!

I rode all the way from Jayanagar (BOTS) to Koramangala 1st block (6km ?). Was worried about the traffic a bit .. But it was not a problem at all. The ride was smooth. Was learning about the gears and really understood why people stress on consistent cadence ! After that had a quick lunch and started off to CV Raman Nagar (10 km) . It was around 1430 and the sun just drained me out when I went over Domlur flyover. Reached Kalyan’s place. Went out with Kalyan and he bought a Firefox Cyclone.

Later in the evening we (Me and Kalyan) went out and explored CV Raman nagar a bit.Was learning about gear ratios all along. Realized the importance ofΒ  saddle height. It dropped down and my knees started hurting. Stopped and fixed (Yup carrying Allen keys proved very useful πŸ™‚ ).Β  Would leave CV Raman nagar in morning (of course .. on my Trek 3700 ! ) (10 km)

I should have got a bottle cage along with the bike. Stopping and drinking from the bottle in the backpack wasted time.

I’m going to enjoy this part of my life.Β  Yay!

Random words :

  • New would beΒ  bikers : Please do your own research before getting a bike. It helps you a lot in understanding your equipment.
  • For calculating gear ratios :

Hmm … big post. Been a while ..

Update :Β  19 Hours after buying :Β  Pedaled 30+ Km


  1. Hey.. man this makes me so want to cycle. Been missing it.

    Especially in a place like Singapore where cycling is easy with plenty of infrastructure for it

  2. Have a great time with your new health enhancing toy. πŸ™‚
    BTW I assume you meant pedaled, not peddled.

  3. @swen : Dude ! we can go for some trail riding when you are here πŸ™‚

    @nikanth : Health .. Hmm .. itz more on the fun side.. if the side effect is good health .. thatz nice πŸ™‚

  4. Nice post. Interesting links too. Btw, what was the budget of this? Also was there any other factor other than price when choosing between firefox and Trex

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