0o3731 0x7D9 (2009)

Back from 2 week long break. Met family. Some observations :

+ You got no idea why your relatives like / hate you !

+ When you have a 8 month old nephew around , Don’t pack your laptop for the trip.

+ In some places you don’t have GSM network, but have access to internet @ 240 KB.

+ Cruising at 130+ K in Indian roads! yep .. they are no more dreams.

+ RB doesn’t help when you are sleep deprived and driving ! (hey .. not me)

+ Solitude helps after 2 weeks of too much human contact.

2009 :

+ This is going to be a awesome year! (or in Swen’s words : New year : Same shit )

+ Need change. Can’t take crap everyday from crapy ppl. You know what i mean.

Looks like my urges to write blog posts are back. naaah …

Code :

+ Been fixing up e-seek. Thanks to GIT for all itz offline awesomeness.

+ Will finish up Hiveminder for Tasque (live.gnome.org/Tasque) soonish. Already started scratching files for Toodledo backend.

Looks like my urges to write code is still there and strong 🙂

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