Evolution MAPI : Contributions… Testing… Bugzilla …

Development is more active after our move to new svn ! Julien (of openchange.org) has patched evolution-mapi to be compatible with libmapi 0.8 .Patches are welcome ๐Ÿ™‚ !

Some of the cool things with libmapi 0.8 is the possibility of having multiple exchange accounts (multiple sessions) in Evolution (Yep. you read that right! ). But they will hit the trunk little later .

Now more focus is on real world testing on servers other than few test servers we are running. What doesn’t work in different setups is something we would like to know and fix them all ! Thanks to those who have been reporting issues and TIA ๐Ÿ™‚


+ evolution-mapi is proposed for GNOME 2.26. Yay !

+ we have a new product ‘evolution-mapi’ in GNOME bugzilla.

+ Wiki page is updated with information on building evolution-mapi .


  1. Will there be packages built for Ubuntu? You will get a lot more testers then. Or is there a high risk of data loss so you don’t want this kind of testers?

  2. +1 on Ubuntu…

    Ubuntu wants to be enterprise and the lack of Evo+Exchange is a show-stopper for many orgs.

    Would the -mapi code even work with the stable 2.24.X branch in Intrepid, or would it need to be an entire 2.25 snapshot build?

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