Evolution Exchange 2007 (MAPI) Provider : Changes in schedule and more.

Code :

We have moved away from libmapi 0.7 to libmapi trunk (0.8 development) , so we can take advantage of the new APIs.

We will be constantly updating our code base to libmapi trunk.


Currently :

Suman is busy in integrating meetings into evolution. (few more tasks left)

I’m currently working on finishing (completing) off the basic features in mailer and will move to optimizing the sync & more.

Schedules :

Sadly, we won’t be able to make it to Evolution 2.24 as we are late (details here). 😦 Meanwhile we will continue to provide pluggable packages and this will be available as a pluggable provider. 2.26 will have this.

Licensing :

Yay ! Very exciting day. Evolution licence change was announced by Michael Meeks in my talk this morning (Exchange, MAPI and Evolution) . Announce mail here!! .

Update 1 : GUADEC Talk available here


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