FOSS.IN/2007 Report

Itz a bit late. But before my amazing MMU decides to put this event into swap, I just want to write it out. Here goes :

  • Introduction into practical real-time programming in userspace on Linux : Lennart Poettering
    • This is one of the best talks that i was in. Very practical. Now if i want to write a real-time process in linux, I know where / what to look for.Enjoyed it !
  • talloc: The Power of C : Rusty Russell
    • This was very usefull since we are using talloc in the mapi provider for evolution which we are writing now. And also how the underlying talloc works over malloc.
  • How and Why You Should Be a Kernel Hacker : James Morris
    • zero technical information in this one. Probably thatz the reason i (and almost all) enjoyed this talk. His talk was a very casual narrative of his experience on how he became a kernel hacker. I would dub this talk as “The spirit of a open source hacker.”
  • The PulseAudio Sound Server : Lennart Poettering – Red Hat
    • Basically a demo of pulse audio. How it works. and some internals. Now i know why it rocks and it is called ‘compiz for sound’ or ‘ear candy’.

Those are some talks that i really enjoyed listening to. And some others too that i was in like ‘open moko’ / ‘mozilla’ / Danese Cooper’s ‘treking with elephants’ and some more πŸ™‚

FOSS.IN/2007 was designed to inspire new contributors. It is very clear that they (the organizers – Team FOSS.IN) didn’t want this to be very technical (Ulrich Drepper commented that his talk was rejected beacause it was `too technical` and he had to redo something else πŸ™‚ ). Hope to see more technical talks (and the right balance for beginners ) in the coming years.

Me , Tux & Swen @ FOSS.IN

Overall it was fun ! Great work ‘Team FOSS.IN’ !! Looking forward for FOSS.IN/2008 .

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