Weekend report + Monday : Awesome.

Life :

Took time-off from office on friday to meet a buddy of mine. Had pretty good conversation (been missing this for a while). Then the crazy weekend starts. Lot of coffee .. meeting buddies .. then some fukas … nice food … going around … shopping ( yeah bought a Adidas ) …. swiped cards wherever possible .. 😀

First time went to a club. hmmm .. it was a weird experience .. not a big fan of hip hop. switched to rock lounge .. felt like i was in a tasting spree .. hehe … it was fun . late night dinners ..

Thanks to swenny for my `survival kit`. Delivered F-16s to him.

Planning for a trip sometime in feb (hope this one materialises and not very expensive .. 🙂 )

Code :

+ Met bipin ! nice guy … passionate abt wat he does. good to meet ppl like this. (there are lot of zombies out there !! ;-/ )

+ Evolution 2.12 release . So srini decided to to take the team for a few minutes out to a nearby coffee shop ! Yay!!!


+ Ideas … as usual r there in my head. Planning to test them out during weekends. And thanks to andre for the words ‘ Dont put your 100% in a single project’

+ Have some good fixes to evolution. Work on more patches and get some good stuff into evolution before itz too late .. 🙂


  1. …. swiped cards wherever possible .. 😀

    I’m guessing the follow-up… something like… ..forgot to pay credit card bills..😛

    Thanks for importing me in the Code section… loved it 🙂

  2. Dude…finally you sound like a human being!

    And try hard to make that trip…I’m looking forward to it as well! 😛

  3. @swen : zombies! u know who i call zombies !!

    @bipin : hehe … code it is . ..

    @punns : finances (kinda very costly) !!! not sure … working out the details..

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