pong 2

Hmm .. I’ve been wondering .. whatz going on with my life !!!!

After moving to GNOME Evolution, i think i’ve been busy with code and a little bit of life. Well bad that i’m looking only at evolution and have no time to look at my other pet projects (Banter / Banshee) and ideas (Version FS) .

My reading has gone down. I’m still with ‘Dreaming in Code‘ . I think i have to start the book from page 1 again.

Picked up a new hobby (little addictive) : Rubick’s Cube ! Very interesting. It actually saved me from ‘brain death’. I picked it up and started solving it ( i’m learning petrus method) and once again i experienced how it feels to ‘solve’ something. It brought back some old memories of code. (Dont want to live in past). I think sometimes when u get hurt .. it takes sometime to get over it. But the bad thing is that you loose a lot of opportunity during that recovery period.

Lately have been thinking a lot about ‘life’ ( the concept ) and existential questions ( i think everybody goes through these struggles ). But now i stopped wasting my precious brain cycles (processor cycles) on this. Time to get back to face reality, let go of your haunting past (itz kinda difficult .. isn’t it ? ) and enjoy every second of this wonderful event called life !

My social life is improving ( i guess i can say that .. ) Been going to game parlors, movies and restaurants. Meet my brother weekly. Catch up on some football (EPL – ManU) . Watch F1 ( missed a couple of tracks )

Bought some new games for PSP. Splinter Cell – Essentials. Awesome .. enjoying every moment of it.

Getting enough sleep these days … Ah .. s. .. i’m going to gym these days .. good to see a thought (idea) come to life after 2 years !! 😀

Gonna meet some friends this week. (Taking time-off from office .. yep .. can u believe that .. itz tru ! ) and Dad will be here next next friday.

So i’m ok !

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