22 & counting ..

Yep .. 22 now (< fading echo > aaahhhhhhhh!!! ! < fading echo >). Well .. Thanks for everything. Thanks to everybody who have been with me through this wonderfull journey (long way to go). Many unique experiences. Lot of good memories. Many have helped me without even knowing that they were .. thanks again … Came across amazing people (yep itz u) My heart felt sincere thanks to all my friends, mentors, teachers, well wishers, family (close and distant) and *.* .. Without u guyz i wouldn’t have made it till now (yep ..a few know what i’m talking about.)

Thanks a lot.

Update 1: Today was one of the most *peaceful* day .. I was calm .. No chaos .. Felt better … awesome ..

Update 2: Ice tea tastes good !! (nothing can beat coffee šŸ˜‰ )

Update 3: Thanks buddy swen and punnen .. BTW swenny .. check ur mailbox ( nope not ur email )


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