Round 1 of ACE Combat X & Untitled Rant 2

  • Yep !! Finished the game on ‘Normal’ difficulty level. Now started with ‘Hard’ for the final round. Enjoyed playing the game lot .. But little disappointed that the game got over very fast !! They should have made it little longer.
  • Going home this weekend .. ITz my bro’s B-Day .. Brought a Camera for him !! hmmm .. should i give it or keep it (keep it!! keep it!! keep it!! keep it!!)  .. hehee !
  • Work is going good. pace has gone down .. but i think i fully recovered from chicken pox .. But i still find it difficult to work more than 10 hrs .. which used to be normal .. lot of interesting things are happening with iFolder.
  • Looks like ‘Heros’ and ‘I,Video Game’ are the two shows that make me come home earlier.
  • TV is making me weird .. I actually got emotional in one of discovery’s some kinda ‘ishould have been dead’ show !! crap !! what are they doing to me ??? ??? aaaaaahhh !!!
  • Well … one of my principles is ‘Light and Mobile’ .. I’m looking for a new place to stay .. so lemme know if you know any .. TIA.
  • Realized that my learning factor has gone down. I hate to do the same things again and again .. So planning to allot time and learn something new ..
  • Have some stupid ideas !! so they will be my weekend fun projects!
  • Lately i’m getting very interested in ‘Intelligent Design vs Evolution’ and ‘God’ questions. Been listening and reading about that stuff .. heehe .. interesting!
  • And don’t buy ACER laptops !! Bad service !! I had to get a battery replacement .. But .. u know the usual story … blah blah
  • Hmm .. u actually made it to the last bullet !!

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