Interesting Components to Hack In iFolder

I’ve been looking at gnome-vfs ifolder plugin. If it is good enough and works with the new simias .. We should be thinking of moving it to ifolder/trunk from ifolder/NU-TrunkAnd for all those who would like to hack on interesting accessories of ifolders .. Take a look at

It has

  • iFolder-gnome-vfs plugin
  • Slog – A Collaborative Blogging App.
  • Gaim iFolder.

If anyone would like to hack on these lemme know .. I’ll move them to ifolder/trunk [ NU in NU-trunk stands for not-used 😦 ] Some other desired things (my personal wishlist) are

  • Konqueror Plugin ( Similar to nautilus-ifolder plugin)
  • CommandLine Client.

If you need clarifications regarding these shoot a mail to ifolder-dev Mailing List or drop in #ifolder @


  1. hmmm … cmdline-client …

    whats about

    iFolder.Client/iFolderCmd ?

    Just needs adaption to the new style ?!

    -> easy to use and could be the base of the kde client ?

  2. I would like to see someone try to take a look at the GAIM pieces and get the P2P part if iFolder working again. I think this would be a HUGE HUGE plus. I would offer, but atlas, I am no hacker. 😦 I would just hate to see this functionality lost.

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