Downtime refers to a period of time or a percentage of a timespan that a machine or system (usually a computer server) is offline or not functioning, usually as a result of either system failure (such as a crash) or routine maintenance. The opposite is uptime.

Yep! /me had a malfunction on Feb 11. Varicella-zoster_virus infiltrated my primary defense barriers. Condition is Code Named ‘ChickenPox’. I was quarantined till my immune system took control. Phew!! The first 3 days i couldnt do anything form ore than 20 minutes.

I was on sick leave throughout .. Looks like i missed lot of fun @ work.

I managed to finish ‘ A short history of nearly everything ‘ Eventhough I believe in  Intelligent Design .. I enjoyed reading the book.

Watched the new series ‘Heros‘ .. Loved it.

Now i’m back online ..


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