[EMACS : emacsclient -n] echo “alias ec=’emacsclient -n'” >> ~/.bashrc

I use emacs shell extensively. so when i grep for some thing and i need to open the file, i have to visit the file (c-x c-f) eventhough  imy emacs shell is in the current directory. so

echo “alias ec=’emacsclient -n'” >> ~/.bashrc

m-x server-start (you can add this to ur .emacs)

m-x shell

blah@foo:~> ec test.test

emacs is kewl !!


  1. What I usually do is that I map ‘find-file-at-point to Ctrl-o. When you do grep or ls etc. in emacs shell, you can navigate your cursor to the file listed (use incremental search), press Ctrl-o and the file opens.

  2. @stephen : thanks … nice.. very handy !!

    @kalyan : ?? ‘-n’ is no wait .. so it’ll open the file and quit.. so u can kill the buffer by the usual C-X k

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