iFolder 3.6 Linux Client *Daily* Builds

I was friday evening and everybody was leaving early for the weekends (this was a special weekend , christmas!!! ) and srinidhi was still punching his keyboard. Around 7 in the evening srinidhi made the announcement we’ve been waiting for.

“iFolder 3.6 Linux Client Daily Builds are available”.

Yeeehaa !!!

Client Daily Builds are available here ..


Windows Clients:

More work is going on windows clients. Ramesh is working on it to get the new windows ui which will have the same look-n-feel of the linux client ui.

Mac Clients :

Mac Clients will follow later …

I’m sure u guyz had a wonderfull christmas !!! After 3 days of being offline (my Dad’s command : “thou shall not bring that BOX here”) now itz good to be online 🙂


  1. After taking a (somewhat disappointing) stab at iFolder a few months ago, I’d love the chance to take a fresh start with the current server builds and a Windows client (with which to impress my boss+coworkers)…

  2. @GreyDuck : sure. there are some ppl who have been testing these builds. come to #ifolder on irc.gimp.org, u cud get some info on good builds form them..

    @invisik : Mac builds .. later … 😦

  3. Hi Johnny!

    Hehe … rofl “thou shall not … ”
    3 Days recreation 🙂 – but also good you’re back 😀

    Cu !


  4. @Mike : Currently there are no official fedora builds. We would be glad if somebody from the community takes this up. 🙂

    @ Jan-simon : yep .. itz good to be back. 🙂

  5. The windows 3.6 client doesn’t work. Is there a trick to making it work if you had the 3.4 client before hand? Is using the 3.4 client with 3.6 server OK?

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