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Discovery Branch : DiscoveryWS talks to DiscoveryFramework!!!

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/Me and Kalis wrote DiscoveryWS and DiscoveryFrameWork (The thread service) a month ago (respectively). Now i’m working on getting them to talk to each other. Probably in a week, the client will start using Discovery (which inturn uses Catalog) and will not depend on POBox. This should ease multiserver scalability and get rid of few sharing/invitation bugs.

All this work is going on discovery branch which will be later merged into trunk.

I’m also planning to commit some webacess and webadmin enhancements to discovery branch by tomorrow.

  • Multiserver’ed webaccess patch .
  • DN sync2slave patch
  • WebAdmin – Show multiservers patch
  • WebAdmin – Home Server Column Patch
  • WebAdmin – External Identity Store ‘Sync Now’ and ‘Set Sync Interval’ Patch

Phew!! … I just hope that i dont break anything … I’m gonna luv this week (and the next ..  the next … and … ) 🙂

Happy Hacking !!

Written by Johnny

November 6, 2006 at 5:32 pm

Posted in iFolder, Thoughts

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