Week 40.

Thursday : Phone went dead. so i was offline for the evening. Blasted Airtel

Friday : back online. Was figuring how to write async asp.net stuff :-/

Saturday : Went with srini to RV College of Eng Blore. Srini preped a talk for 40 mins and it went on for 2 hrs 10 mins. Liked it 😀 .. Started hackfest (well sort off) after some coffee and burgers … Enjoyed the day … i’ll prbably post some pics later.

Sunday : Met Selva, Rahul, Rajat (rahul’s bro) for lunch at KFC. Then went out for hunting for a camflouge pant for selva … Kool .. ended the evening with a shot of caffine .. .

Now : well .. i screwed up some code on a *sleepy* friday night.. Now trying to ‘undo’ it . Need to do some async stuff.

TODO : start to do some *real* work. Get that ASYNC thingy Johnny!!

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