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Code :

There are very few people i admire in OSS community. I’ve heard so much about !Z (notzed). Not just that. I had the honor of working on ePlugins and Camel. Both designed and written by Micheal Zuchi (!Z). One of my major work in evolution was the ICS Importer eplugin that i wrote (skeleton code was written by my mentor). I was simply amazed by eplugins.

Now that i moved to iFolders which is written using MONO, i thought i could do something with MONO + ePlugins. !Z has written a framework for mono eplugins. Till now no mono plugin exists.

This humble programmer wrote a mail to the master asking for some example mono plugin. Master replied here and also sent a mail giving me pointerz on where to start. Thankyou.

Found something to do during weekends 🙂

Back to work : i’ve been cracking my head for the past two days on a feature. I just tried all the combinations that i could come up with. how stupid of me… damn… understand and hack you fool (thatz me) !! !!

Life : ??? ummm…Whaaat ??

Random : coffee : decaf costs more than the usual! . to me it sounds like “de-alcohol vodka” . hmmm … watever. coffee is all abt caffine.!!!

Dad (chief) says : “discipline son!! u need to learn what that is … ” :-/

Now : watching “Can’t get a date” on VH1. pathetic !!!

Todo : Discipline!! wat else… ( i wonder what that means )


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September 1, 2006 at 2:25 pm

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