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@ my workplace one of my team dude uses a mac book pro. He has a G5 too 😉 . Mouse had just one button (amazing .. no hassle of R/L clicks).Rightaway i grabbed it from him and tried it out. It *supposed* to have the best UI. Well .. … .. it wasn’t a pleasant experience. I got no idea what i was doing!!! things were popping out of nowhere. Anyway i got used to it after sometime.

Itz the same with any Linux Distro. Why people find it difficult to migrate to Linux? Is it really that difficult to use? I don’t think so. With the launch of Suse Linux Enterprise desktop 10, “Your Linux is ready”. It just that people’s (our brain) tendency is to resist change (creatures of habit). Just give it a try. I’m sure you’ll love it. (the money part also)

I’ve been using Linux as my primary OS for 4 years. These are some of my fav / frequently used apps

  • Desktop : GNOME (simple … and looks pro)
  • Open office : does all my word-processing and presentations ..
  • Mail/Calendar/Contacts : Obviously Evolution.
  • Entertainment : MPlayer, Amarok (Banshee also)
  • Internet : Gaim, Firefox
  • RSS Reader : Liferea (you could try Balm)
  • Editor : Emacs (need no introduction)
  • TomBoy : People just fell in love with this cute note taking utility.
  • Desktop search : Beagle (fast and cooool)

GNOME Clock applet : Well itz just not a _simple clock_ as in M$ w1ND0W5. I use Evolution to keep track of appointments and tasks. Check this out.

GNOME Clock applet with (evolution) tasks and appointments

yes. you don’t have to open evolution to have a look at your events. Yup! just a click would show the things you need to know.

Network Manager : In my laptop I frequently switch between Wireless and Wired network. Network manger takes care of this abuse
. It comes with a VPN client too. 🙂
Workspace : I have 4 Workspaces : Code | Info (Browsers/docs)| Comm (IMs) | Shire (Entertainment)

XGL : Simply amazing desktop effects. Got no idea what i’m talking about. Take a look

F-Spot : Foto management. There is picasa for linux too.. but i like f-spot. why?? .. hmmm … you gotta try to know 😉

— — —

Not everybody is blessed with high end machines. Till last year I used a AMD K6 500Khz with 64 Mb RAM (she was/is a amazing babe .). So instead of using GNOME i used OpenBox. a cute simple window manager. If that you cant live with a desktop then take a look at iDesk. Oh yeah openbox doesn’t have a panel. Pypanel, FSpanel … nothing fancy. does itz job perfectly.


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August 24, 2006 at 5:44 pm

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