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GBCD – German Born Confused Desi

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Well this is gonna be a lengthy post. a personal one for close friends …

starting with a conversation b/w jose (xtreme bugtracker) and /me (xtreme tux)

01:49:21) joe_akk: i’ve got two germans dudes here in my dorm..
(01:49:24) joe_akk: awesome guys
(01:49:38) johnny123in: kool
(01:49:53) johnny123in: you aint counting swen rite!!
(01:50:35) joe_akk: lol.. then i’ll have to change the numbers to three
(01:51:11) johnny123in: heehe … swen aint german / aint mallu
(01:51:16) johnny123in: can’t b indian
(01:51:24) johnny123in: so wat is he … ?
(01:51:29) joe_akk: in the middle of nowhere
(01:52:01) johnny123in: yup .. one condused dude searching for identity
(01:52:05) johnny123in: *confused
(01:52:17) joe_akk: GBCD
(01:52:34) johnny123in: gbcd ?
(01:52:44) joe_akk: german born confused desi
(01:54:20) johnny123in: hee hee
(01:54:21) johnny123in: nice

Sunday : Graduation Day

The usual stuff u c at colleges.. only thing different here was that we were made to wear those yellow thingy (i wud prefer black.. KIT has a weird color choice)…  well the day was not about the grand lunch (supposed to b a grand one) or the certificates (u know what they gave).. but it was the people who came there .. met some good friends. probably for the last time.
Swen : u didnt miss out anything.  except ur certificates (sorry man .. forgot to ask about it). Hav fun with ur kool moto linux phone.

Vamshi : thanks for the accomodation.

Monday :

Back to office. I was asked to move my cube to a new location. That made me realise that i wont be working on GNOME / Evolution anymore 😦 . I simply loved working on evolution. Came across cool guyz .. learnt a lot. will be missing the team.  😦
[Punnen : s .. i guess i have some emotional thingy in me. reason ^ . i got that single tear drop in a paper cup. ‘Garden State’ ]

moving on … .. .. .


Written by Johnny

August 21, 2006 at 8:48 pm

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  1. thou shall not take the name of garden state in vain!


    August 22, 2006 at 11:45 am

  2. dude .. i was born in India. Glad to know i was the center point of one of ur posts ..


    August 22, 2006 at 4:03 pm

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