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SVN is 2 cool

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I’ve been using GNOME’s CVS for about 8 months. In that around 3 months i was working from a remote place where u dont have broadband (bandwidth poverty) and the maximum speed u get is around 2 kbps (it was frusturating). Using CVS ment that i have to connect everytime i need to diff my working copy against CVS.

SVN is cool because

  • svn status
  • svn revert (very usefull. many times i screw up the code and want to start from beginning)
  • svn status

can be run offline. yup .. no network needed. I’m sure this doesn’t make any difference to many people. but this will help many students in remote places connecting through a dialup.


Written by Johnny

August 17, 2006 at 3:50 pm

Posted in Tech, Thoughts

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