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Mentor Relationships and Gifted Learners

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“The idea of mentoring is as old as mankind. Ancient Greece introduced the concept, and it was institutionalized during the Middle Ages. The term mentor does not imply an internship, an apprenticeship, or a casual hit-or-miss relationship in which the student simply spends time in the presence of an adult and information is transmitted . Internships and apprenticeships are valuable because they allow students to learn new skills and investigate potential career interests. A mentorship, on the other hand, is a dynamic shared relationship in which values, attitudes, passions, and traditions are passed from one person to another and internalized. Its purpose is to transform lives.”

My Mentor : srini

Today i was sitting in my mentor’s cube and was working with him (well sort of … he was doing all the work 🙂 ). He was showing me all the changes he made in my code. I was (as always) amazed by the depth of knowledge he has in the code and the speed at which he can learn. Whatever i do .. . he always has a better way of doing it. I remember how he used to give me hints (few words of wisdom) at solving tricky issues. Simply amazing .. . ..

srini : THANKS … .. . 🙂

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August 16, 2006 at 12:25 pm

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