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Weekend Report

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This weekend was good.


Got up on sat morn late and called up rahul. Had lunch
(pure) “North Indian” style. Then planned to goto Garuda Mall. Selva decided
to dropout because ——. I wanted to buy a Flash Drive. I saw some good ones
a week back in bangalore central. Brought a 1GB Thumb Drive. Then we started
walking and walking. … Brought a CD (Vanessa Mae). Just wanted to buy a CD
(Legal Music). We checked out all the music/ sports stores. It is kinda weird
… I was really interested in the Toys section. Was checking out those
Mclaren F1 scaled models. They were little expensive (for now may b). Saw some
models of Apache .. But couldnt find F117 Night Hawk. We searched for a book
for Rahul. Tired … Headed back to home .. Crossed Fab Mall in Forum … I
this USB LED … 🙂 Nice addon for Linda. She liked it.

Finally came back to room. Thought that i’ll get some rest … But got a cll
from Karthick… Met friends .. Had dinner with him. Ha … Damn i forgot to
return those VCD… So had to go Vid Lib. There got a call from sijo. So
headed back to Forum … Found “AIWAS” (I was looking for sify i-way) … Met
the gang. Sijo, Food crazy Rency, Hulk (hmmm) Jerin, Swen’s friend Soniya and
the gadget girl Lydia. Had a small chat with them … Then Had a small
fight with the ATM. Damn machine it wont process any transactions. Stupid
machine. Back to my bunker .. Me and Linda (as always).


Dad woke me up early (phone) … Hmmm .. i got no idea wat v spoke. dozed off
again …. Got up for lunch … ordered food. started reading “Bourne
supremacy”. dozed off … Got up ontime for dinner. Well … went back to vid
lib to return VCDs. Then back to the stupid ATM. Hmmm … everything is ok
.. watever … Came back and ordered food …. well thatz it …

So i spoke less that 70 words (good number) ..

watching WorldCup Finals … Would like to see Italy win ….

Written by Johnny

July 10, 2006 at 3:03 pm

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