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Contributing for a OSS Project ??

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Lunch time … Nobody was in office… I called hari for lunch … I was curious abt how LTDP works… We had a little conversation.. Hari was interested about my work in Evolution .. I said that i work on UI (for now)… He had a issue with some UI. Well thaz it .. we started sharing ideas.. I was inspired enough to got to that IRC channel . Then stuck a conversation with nags … Looked into the project's website.
I understood that to contribute for a project you need to understand the philosophies of the project and its history. Found that LDTP was inspired by the paper "Testing Automation Frameworks – Carl Nagle" . 

No commitments yet .. As i got no idea whether i'll have time to contribute for some-other project .. But will definitely look into it … As i'm learning something new 🙂 

No commitments yet … …


Written by Johnny

June 17, 2006 at 10:50 am

Posted in LTDP, Thoughts

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