MIA : Missing In Action : Swen George

Name : Swen George

Nationality : German

Code : Daedalus

Skin color : pale than mine

Height : Shorter than me

Age : Older than me

Mission Details : A black op. Objective was to penetrate deep into microsoft facility in demark. Partially suceeded.

Status :MIA [Missing in Action]

  • Known for his passion in Linux.
  • Co – Founder of KITS Linux Club.
  • Best Customized Desktop Award
  • Member of the elite eXtreme
  • Designed the eXtreme T shirt (hmmmm)

Survellience Info

  • Last seen at KIT. and disappeared.
  • Tried to contact TUX-Skynet but failed
  • No activity on blogs
  • EMail traffic – nill 


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