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Novell Sports Day

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Heehee, Amazing day (sort of) I went there late and the first thing i
saw was varadhan in 100m. then as soon as he saw me , he dragged me to
the track and the next thing i know was the whistle blew and i took a
dive. i was hurt pretty badly (though i didnt feel anything at that
time. i had a deep cut in my knee and it had been bleeding for a
while.. noticed it only wen i can back. my black jeans was soaked with
blood ) My jeans full of dirt. All this happened in 7 minutes.
Most of the time i was with chax. Srini was there for a while. Chen
came at the end. Shres after 400m, was tired (he should start using
duracell). I was about to leave and rajeeve came there.
Enjoyed Poornima’s tug of war. They won…..

Had good time .. .. . …

Written by Johnny

February 20, 2006 at 11:29 am

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