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Last day as a INHOUSE trainee. Enjoyed a lot in Novell. This was
something i always wanted to do. I always wanted to be a part of a
Open Source project. So i tried to learn the kernel code. Then i tried
learnt the code of a app call PROZILLA – Internet Download
Accelerator. But there was no proper channel to participate in the
project.I was interested in INOTIFY kernels. So was looking into
website and found a project called “AUTOFICON”. I actually sent a mail
to them. But no proper response.

For my mini project i was stubborn that i’ll do a project on Linux. So
my bro found a small company “winways” (a redhat training partner).
Found some enthu linux guys there. I did a small project called
“Protocol Analyser”. Due to various reasons (no comp, a eye surgery
…) i wasn’t able to get all the features in. But i did by myself
sitting at home. So the winways guys said u don’t have to pay anything
as we didn’t help you in anyway. That was the first project on Linux.

The winways guys wanted to create their own distro. so they started a
project called ‘yeti’. But the project died in few weeks.

Then i thought i start my own project “Distributed Downloader” Which
is a very needed tool in our hostels. Started with QT, then jumped to
GTK. Had trouble in using libprozilla and some design. So kind of

Time for my Major project … And i was looking for some linux based
project. I thought I’ll go back to winways and work on some of their
products. My bro was also looking … And he found NOSIP. Me and buddy
Swen started looking into it. Then 4 more guys were interested. Swen
dropped out because he didnt hav a laptop. The other guys quit because
they were not sure whether they will complete the project.

Was alone. Found that this will actually expose me to GNOME. Was very
interested.. So sent the docs. But they (novell) asked me to change to
MONO or Evolution. I chose Evolution.

Amazing .. .. .. I actually *contributed* code to Evolution. So by
Eric S Raymond’s – “Howto become a hacker”, i can call myself as a
_Evo Hacker_ :-).

Thanks to my mentor Srinivasa Ragavan (popularly know as srag.
sometimes ppl actually call him s-rag 😉 ) who taught me the art of
hacking and *multi-tasking*.


Written by Johnny

February 17, 2006 at 9:28 am

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