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Bug 328808

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Bug 328808 – UI: Participants list in ‘Required Participants’ UI is
blank (Attendees adding problem

Observation :
1 : No provision to link the list view and the name selector dialog.
(different modal used)
1.5 : it works with a wierd _understanding_ b/w the two widgets ( a
modal dialog)
2 : the default organizer is added in the fill_widgets code.

Soln ideas :
Possible solution is to
1. Delete the attendees (bad hack)
2. Then add the attendees in the name seletor dialog before it is
invoked by the user .

Approach has partially solved the bug. in the free busy information
tab. (e-meeting-time-sel.c) but the fix is not a good one. looking for
a better way to solve the bug which will prevent any new issues.


Written by Johnny

February 8, 2006 at 10:56 am

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