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Bad, Bad and Bad !!!

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Past 2 weeks my work was really slow (actually nothing). Feeling
really bad about it. Need to increase the pace. Had take up a few
issues and they turned out to be problems in other standard libraries.
Took up the DnD issue long back but couldn’t complete it. still
Worked on a weird issue in account editor. And again dropped it in the
middle because of new priorities.

Time for a Q & A.
What happened to you johnny? where is spirit u had during December and January?
Hmmm. I’ll blame it on my sleep debts 😦

Why is that your Time:Work ain’t that great ?
I spend more time learning new things which i am sure that will
help me later. I remember that i fixed a bug in 5 minutes because i
had a idea of how things worked. If i hadn’t known it (learnt it) the
n it would have taken at least 1 hour.

Where is the speed the you used to solve(kill) bugs?
Hmm. I’m not working on simple issues. Now looking into deeper code.
Difficulty is high.

So the above answers are simple lame excuses ?
Nope. I am ashamed of my drop in performance.

What the steps that you gonna take dude ?
Focus. and I’ll always remember this “one shot one kill”. Improve my
decision making skills.


Written by Johnny

February 8, 2006 at 5:27 pm

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