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New day and a New assignment. Mentor assigns 327487.


Locate the place where this is happening.
> Its a calendar component. so the code got to b inside calendar/gui.
> Something to do with preferences. look for a filename that conveys this .
> cal-prefs-dialog.c sounds like it. Hmm there is another file with

Now open the glade file with glade-2. Get the name of the widget from it.

Why the bug ? look for clues. run evo and reproduce it.. See a couple
of warnings on the terminal (thats y v need to use assertions in our
code ). It complains that the widget is NOT a option menu.
Now go back to glade and check the type of widget. It is a combo box.
Thats it , instead of retrieving the value using combo box functions,
the code is using a option menu function.

Info we have, is the name of the widget . Now search the places where
that widget is used. Look for a weird function “blah_option_menu_blah”
which is using the combo box.

Just change that instance with the right function (i.e wit the combo
box function). Look for similar stuff. Change them, compile, test(very
important) and create the patch.



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January 19, 2006 at 7:39 pm

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