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NOSIP tasks completed

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Project : NOSIP – Evolution
Project Start Date : 15 Nov 2005
Mentor : Srinivasa Ragavan

1.Bug 246233: Inconsistent use of “Abc Editor” concept
2.Bug 303856: Appointment Editor’s OK button still greyed out after
changing value
3.Bug 246245: Attach a file dialog – label suggestions
4.Bug 246230: Add Filter Rule dialog – label suggestions
5.Bug 246256: Find in Message dialog – label suggestions
6.Validation of date and time on focus out event
7.Bug 257118: Clear button is not getting disabled after clearing the search
8.Bug 246431: Add the possibility to preview the sound used for mail
9.Bug 248105: No warning if you create an appointment in the past

Work done after joing as a inhouse trainee.

> Implemented FOR/UNTIL option in event editor.
> implemented Edit menu > cut/copy/paste/selectall in event editor.
> Bug 260354: Window List Needs To Reflect New Messages. – Ported the patch to 2.5.3

> added tool tips for composer widgets.
> Filed Bug 324060: Summary field is not checked for empty string on closing the event editor
> Solved Bug #324060 and refined it.
> Filed Bug 324173: Wrong label in Mail Preferences.
> Solved Bug #324173
> Solved Bug 324241: Signatures are enabled by the press action and not the click action
> Added Ellipsis to Edit menu items
> Solved Bug 216535: changing start time should keep appointment’s time length
> Solved Bug 242966: Focus Problem, Screen Entry on “Select Contacts From Address Book” Screen
> Solved Bug 303193 changing reminder snooze time doesn’t work after pressing alt+S
> Filed Bug 324472 – Tasks marked as complete using multiple selection are not saved
> Solved Bug 258786 – Mark as complete menu item available for completed task
> Bug 244058 – Show BCC Field if addressed added via Select Contacts from Addressbook dialog
> Solved Bug 213660 – Appointment Alarm Editor UI needs work
> Changed the alarm dialog as a modal dialog.

> Eplugin for importing ICS Files from mail attachments into calendar / tasks list.
> Filed Bug 325722 – Assign Task – Editor’s Save btn is disabled
> Filed Bug 325725 – Mnemonics in To, Cc, Bcc fields not responding.
> Filed Bug 325730 – Tasks preview pane not refreshed on delete event
> Solved Bug 325722 – Assign Task – Editor’s Save btn is disabled

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