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GCC is the cause for the new problem that i encountered when i was trying to compile 2.4 kernel. check out the forums and they say that it is because of the new GCC in Fedora Core 3. One solution suggested was that to install a older 2.95 and compile the 2.4 kernel. I should try that…. Downloaded the packages and got to go with the installation.
Linux Club : Everything is in motion and it is smooth. Tommorow is the big day. After a lot of effort we got to this point. Website is ready and Posters and circulars,announcements are ready. Now we have to wait and see how this goes on. I am little worried about session2. we have a rough layout of what to do. i see the next session on tuesday. if it is on tuesday we have to be ready with the content. I always know that “THE SOURCE IS WITH ME”. One good thing about linux is that it makes me happy. i am not able to understand the complexities of the real world. but i feel so comfortable when it comes to linux. Hmm i got no idea what kind of future i got… But i got something to live for šŸ™‚
Little IDEA: Swen,Ewards sir and i was talking about how to bring linux into karunya campus. So we hit the idea of changing all the computers in lab for browsing into linux pointing out that there are no fears of virus attacks. But my idea is little different. i said and still say that we introduce THIN CLIENTS so that the college can provide more number of PC to the studets only for browsing at a very low cost!! .If you are reading this please do send which is the better idea and why to
17:15:43 : Looking into the instructions for compiling GCC. As usual they are confusing as i don’t have any previous experience compiling huge packages.
17:37:13 : Issued the make bootstrap-lean command. Waiting … I don’t have a time estimate for this process. Got to wait!!!
19:58:30 : Compilation is over. now need to install it. i could se g++ but where is gcc ???20:02:06 : Finished the installation of GCC 2.95.3 . I installed it in /opt/gcc. Now i need to find a way to use this only for my BOOTDISK projects !!GCC is working fine!!
20:09:34 : Ok GCC is up and running. changed the .bash_profile for user ‘bootdisk’ so that it will use this gcc first!! Now got to try repeat the whole process again with the 2.95.3.
20:37:30 : Finsihed configuring the kernel. Now onto compiling it for BOOTDISK project. Should work!! As usual only time knows whats going to happen!!
20:41:03 : Ok! the compilation has passed the error point. If everything goes well i should get a kernel


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August 31, 2005 at 7:04 am

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