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Hunting for Linux Project for Summer

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Hmmm. I am (through my brother) basically hunting for a new linux project. I just want to do something with linux. So some project offers were spam control and something called pinch pocketing(which i don’t know what it is). Very exciting. Still haven’t decided what to do. So keep ur fingers(i can’t because i need to type) . So my bro is working on it and he is close… Most probably i will come to know my title by tommorow
A major question asked is what do u know under linux (developing).So
>Debuging Toolz – GDB
>Learning PYTHON.
> Did a project using ‘C’ (incomplete) – It is a Distributed Download Accelerator
[I need to add some lines to that. It looks so lame(that tells that i been wasting my time)]

Let c what tommorow has for me 🙂

Linux Rulezzzzzzzzz

That is my project under linux. still incomplete. waiting for my exams to get over!!

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March 25, 2005 at 8:14 am

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