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[BirthDay gifts] (or stuff )i LOVE to have !!!!!!!

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Hmmm Here is the list of presents i would love to have

1. A sony wiao: (my dreams r filled with this babe.should i call it
obsession,crush,infatuation or simply love . she is hot and fast and
got great stamina upto 8hrs {battery}. best of all shes got the

2. Some jewelery for my first(and only) babe, shiery (like a SD ram
which has become an antique, a hard disk of 40/80/120 GB-so that she
can taste more flavours of linux). its kind of like a payback since
she opened a whole new world to me and changed my life forever.

3. A thumb Drive : ( i wish i was born sucking a ‘thumb drive’ .)

4. My Dream Workplace : (3 Computers around me. Typing in all three…
Just listening to the beautiful tak tak taaak sound. it covers all
types of music rap,reggae,metal,….)

5. A pack of all the latest LINUX distributions
(For example fedora,debian,mandrake,slackware ubuntu,knoppix,college,bsd,….)

6 . Revolution OS : A movie by Moore on OPEN SOURCE (desperate to get)
. DVD costs less than 1500. [ Man i need to get a job 😦 ]

7. Just for Fun: The story of an accidental revolutionary by Linus
Torvalds and David Diamond. – A book by the master himself. any format
would do. a pdf or a ps or even ms word(convert it to .sxw b4 giving
it to me) is accepted

8. A Big TUX : i don’t want a live penguin. Just a small toy/keychain.
I (swen helping me) hunted for one and found a retard version of
tux(probably his uncle SCO)

So My dearest, friend.. If you gonna buy me a gift please get any of
these things. These will make me happy. i mean really happy. really
really happppppyyyyyyy.

Thanks in ADVANCE


Written by Johnny

March 21, 2005 at 6:31 pm

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  1. […] (i’ve written crazy .. stupid things .. a lot of them … lol) Anyway .. I came across my older wishlist .. to my surprise most of my wishes have come true .. (never realised it though) I posted the wish […]

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